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Facebook ‘friends’ cause stress, research finds

People with the most Facebook “friends” are more likely to feel stressed out by the site, according to researchers. Edinburgh Napier University found a significant minority of users suffered “considerable Facebook-related anxiety”. However, they only received very modest rewards. More than one in 10 said Facebook made them feel anxious and more than three in 10 said they felt guilty about rejecting friend requests. The study found that 12% of the students questioned said they disliked receiving friend Devam─▒n─▒ Oku »

Fat Bias Worse for Women

It only takes a modest weight gain for a woman to experience weight discrimination, but men can gain far more weight before experiencing similar bias, a new study shows. The notion that society is less tolerant of weight gain in women than men is just one of the findings suggested by a new report from the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University, published this month in the International Journal of Obesity. For the study, researchers documented the prevalence of self-reported weight discrimination and compared Devam─▒n─▒ Oku »

44 Resume Writing Tips

Having a solid and effective resume can greatly improve your chances of landing that dream job. That is beyond discussion. How does one make sure that his resume is top notch and bullet proof, however? There are several websites with tips around the web, but most bring just a handful of them. We wanted to put them all together in a single place, and that is what you will find below: 44 resume writing tips. Devam─▒n─▒ Oku »

4,100 Students Prove ‘Small Is Better’ Rule Wrong

BROCKTON, Mass. – A decade ago, Brockton High School was a case study in failure. Teachers and administrators often voiced the unofficial school motto in hallway chitchat: students have a right to fail if they want. And many of them did – only a quarter of the students passed statewide exams. One in three dropped out. Then Susan Szachowicz and a handful of fellow teachers decided to take action. They persuaded administrators to let them organize a schoolwide campaign that involved reading and writing lessons into every class in all subjects, including gym. Devam─▒n─▒ Oku »