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Book Review: How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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Do you want to succeed in managing human relations? Are you wondering about the ways to have more people in your life, make them love you and convince them into your own way of thinking? Then How to Win Friends and Influence People by the famous author Dale Carnegie may possibly offer you the skills that you need in your life. Dale Carnegie (1888 – 1955) was an American writer and lecturer who was an expert on self-improvement, remarkably on the fields of public speaking and interpersonal skills. He was the author of the bestseller How to Win Friends and Influence People that was first published in 1936 and has remained one of the most popular books that has ever been written on self- development.

What is amazing about How to Win Friends and Influence People is that although it was written back in the 1930’s, it remains as one of the top books in the bestseller lists even in the 21st century. So what is it that makes Carnegie’s book this appealing and popular even after 75 years?

In fact, no matter in what decade we live in, we are all tended to explore ways through which we may make new and long-lasting friends, influence people around us and convince them to think like we do, whether it is to be successful in a job interview or to persuade someone to marry us.

Today, we all want to be successful in how we manage relationships in an environment that is more complex than ever. We are aware that what is called the people skills is in the core of everything we do and we are trying to figure out how to deal with others in the best possible way.

What is good about How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is that it offers the reader a road map and many tips on people skills. The book has a candid and lively tone that directly helps the reader feel attached to the content. With anecdotes and short stories from real life, quotes by successful figures and questions to make you think on whom you want to become, the author is able to make you feel as though you are developing through reading each and every page of the book.

How to Win Friends and Influence People definitely offers practical solutions for those who want success in interpersonal relationships. It suggests the reader to follow the Golden Rule that utters: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Each single principle put forward by the author has somewhat of a link to empathizing with others. Whether you want people to like you, to handle them the best possible way, to win people to your way of thinking or to be a good leader, you need to know that empathy lies in the core of successful people skills.

In the front cover of How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, you will see the encouraging words that will make you want to buy this book: “The original is still the best! The only book you need to lead you to success.” Human nature may have remained the same, but with the increasing number of enthusiastic readers, awareness on the patterns of human nature has increased. So why not join them? It is now time to enjoy the fluent and easy to read language of the bestseller book of Dale Carnegie and follow the way to success.

By Daphne Morris
February 28, 2011
All rights reserved by Kigem
Source : kigem.com


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